Reflection #7 – Kindness Blessings

“1 + 1 = 3”

“Their lives fit together perfectly in the service of the purpose.”

The selection of “My Grandfather’s Blessings” as our text is another example of synchronicity in my life. The book is one of the most meaningful I’ve ever read it, and I found it as if by accident.Reflection #7

I was online one afternoon and stumbled upon an audio interview with Rachel. Her stories so resonated with me and the concept of this book rang so true that I literally felt inspired to have it be the book for a kindness class. So convinced of this was I, I made the selection without ever having seen a copy.

So what’s going on in cases like this? Or, perhaps more accurately, what’s going on all the time? I think it boils down to when we work together with a positive attitude, good things get done. When I found that interview, I was in a very good place, a mindful place. It was like my antennae were up to receive important input. I relate this concept further to the idea of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the 1 + 1 = 3 idea. When I’m tuned in and you’re tuned in, we are also tuned in together.

You’ll often hear me talk about making sure that what you do resonates with you. That’s because I believe this resonance is our way of determining whether or not our actions are aligned with whatever our higher purpose may be. By tuning in to our own responses, we get clear about how to fulfill our roles. That’s what I felt I was doing when I chose our book.

Think about what brought you to participate in this class. Really take some time to consider this, especially if what I’ve said above rings true for you. It could very well be that you and I are part of the same karass, what Rachel calls a family of service. If you think this may be true, send me an email to that effect. Tell me how you found this class and anything else that you think is related.

I look forward to hearing from any of you who feel this way.

Link to Book: “My Grandfather’s Blessings”