Power of Kindness #10

This is the tenth of 10 weekly reading assignments and kind action recommendations using the book “The Power of Kindness” as inspiration.

Reading: Read the chapter called “Service”

As you move through the week, read the chapter a second time. See what phrases and concepts emerge in this second reading that may not have caught your attention the first time through.

Kind Action: Complete Multiple Acts of Service

As a final action, I offer you this one, to have you mindfully engage in multiple acts of service. Start right away and make it a serious practice throughout the week. These do not have to be big at all. I think you will quickly see how many opportunities to do something kind, nice, generous, and thoughtful are readily available to us.

Do this for family, for friends, for strangers. Perform them spontaneously and plan some in advance. The key thing here, the absolutely most important thing, is that you perform these acts for the reward you get doing them, not as a down payment on future kindnesses you expect to be performed for you.

If you take this assignment seriously and perform it to its fullest, you cannot help but have a meaningful experience.