Inspiration # 5 – Kindness All Around Us!

To inspire you this week to consider ways to be kind to strangers, I offer the website Year of Giving. The person behind it lost his job and decided to defy the conventional wisdom of needing to save his money since he was out of work. Kindness Opportunities!Instead, he started giving it away, $10 to a random person each day! The website is his record of his experience. My link takes you his overview page which helps the reader better understand his rationale for taking on the project. To see what has happened since, read this link. It’s touching reading and, I hope, inspiring.

On that note, in a prior Practice of Kindness class a student was inspired by this week’s theme to do something similar. She connected the theme to a book she had recently read in which the author tells the story of undoing his life’s top 20 regrets. She was inspired by the author talking about a man who over the last 25 years has given away $100,000. She posted, “Okay, I’m not secretly wealthy — but my plan is to send out $10 in cash via US Mail to five random people (via the phone book) with a note that they’ve been the recipient of a random act of kindness.”

I love this! Try to imagine how you’d feel if you randomly received $10 in the mail. What would you do with the money? How could you not be inspired to be more aware of the kindnesses going on around us at all times?

If you haven’t jumped in regarding this week’s theme, I encourage you to do so. Maybe the above stories will generate some ideas for you. Remember, EVERY time you see someone provides you an opportunity to be kind. Make the most of it!