Theme #6 – Do Something Kind For a Friend in Need

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” –Unknown

As we get started this week, I want you to be careful as you consider the theme. A Friend in NeedIt can be presumptuous to think we know that another is “in need” and in our attempts to be helpful come across as superior or all-knowing.

With that in mind, consider what kind thing you can do for the friend you choose, noting that the purpose of this exercise is NOT to fill her/his need. It is simply to do something kind. Use your inner wisdom to determine what would be truly kind, making sure that what you choose to do resonates within you. I encourage you to choose something that may seem small to you, perhaps providing dinner or sending a card. The critical thing here is that the gesture be genuine and come from a loving place inside you.

Try to choose someone early in the week. Then, like you did for the third week, spend a few minutes on each of the first couple of days simply holding this person in mind. As you consider her/him, try to suspend judgment. Simply appreciate your friend, for in being alive she/he is worthy of being appreciated.

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  1. I went about this a little differently this week.

    It was a spur of the moment idea. I thought of a dear friend that works at my son’s school. I was heading up there, and had the idea to leave a little gift outside her door. I picked a pretty card, and wrote a message in it for her, and then put a luxurious bar of lavender soap with it.

    I put it outside her staffroom door for her to find.

    I only found out later that she was off sick as she had hurt her back badly. When she came back, my present was waiting on her desk for her, and she said how much that it meant to her.

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