Theme #7 – Do Something Kind Anonymously

“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” – Norman Vincent Peale

AnonymousThis week please see yourself as part of something larger, part of a universe of beings all embedded with the desire to be kind. But rather than risk appearing to be doing something kind for show or reward, this week please complete your act in a way in which you cannot be seen doing it. Do something kind anonymously. Actions of this sort provide us additional practice in both humility and modesty, while providing service.

As you complete your act, even as you contemplate it, consider what it means to be a humble agent of kindness. See your act as not coming from you, but through you. If it helps, imagine yourself as being an invisible kindness superhero who cannot be seen but whose kind act can be felt.

To get the most from this exercise, try completing multiple anonymous acts of kindness, both those that appear to you in the moment and at least one that requires some advance planning.

1 Comment

  1. Last year when we lived in Salt Lake for four months I began picking up litter around our local library. This year the snow was so deep, it was invisible, until today. So today I picked up an empty fifth of vodka and several pieces of paper litter. It feels good to have this project to work on again this year. However, the snow still covers most of the yard, so there may be lots to pick up when it melts. Nice project as there is no recognition. It just makes me feel good.

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