Theme #8 – Do Something Kind in Your Neighborhood

“So many people say they want to save the world. Just try your block, will you?” – Rev. Cecil Williams

NeighborhoodTo best fulfill the intention of this theme, think of it as a two-parter. The first half is to get you out of your residence and touring whatever you consider to be your neighborhood. Visit the familiar but try to look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time. As you tour, take note of how much is new to you and what you may have failed to notice before. This part of the theme is especially designed to get you to consider the familiar but with fresh eyes.

The second half of the theme is to get you thinking about what kindness you can do in your neighborhood. So as you conduct your tour, look for opportunities for kindness, as defined by you. Try not to plan your outing on the kindness action, but let it appear to you. Be open to it. Let it find you. Is it for a person, a group, a particular age? Is it for another species? Is it for the environment? Or is it for some combination?

Once you have defined the kind action, plan it so it can be done as fully as is needed to complete it properly and then do it. Consider the act as having its own integrity and your job is to honor that integrity.


  1. Sorry it’s taken me a little while to come back with my kind action this week.

    I knew pretty much straight away what my action would be for this week. And that was collecting rubbish as my son and I walked to school. It’s something that we do actually do quite frequently. And it’s a lovely experience. It makes me feel more connected to my community – and it feels like an act of kindness for both myself, and everyone else that lives in the area. With each piece of rubbish picked up I feel a sense of pride that we are making the area more beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

    One thing that I found interesting too, was that I don’t feel a sense of judgement as I am completing this act of kindness. I don’t question why the rubbish was thrown there. I just accept that it is there, and that it would be kind to others in the community – people, animals, and birdlife – to pick it up.

    1. Megan, I love your conclusion. I did not realize that I also was not making judgments until I read the end of your post. For many years, I found litter very upsetting and could not understand how anyone could throw a coke can or the bag from their chips out of the car window to litter the highway, Nowadays many states have crews that pick up the litter (often prisoners in the local jails get this task which gives them some outdoor time.) It was nice to have your perspective on litter!

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