Assignment #8 – Kindness Blessings

Week 8 : Befriend Life

“Befriending life may be about strengthening and supporting life’s movement toward its own wholeness.”

Assignment #8Reading: Read the first half of Section V, through the chapter entitled “Integrity.” As you read, personify each chapter in order to see it as a human friend telling you a story. Which of these friends do you feel most drawn to? Which do you want to see again? How do you want to respond to them?

Kind Action: To understand the concept of befriending life, I suggest you consider your comfort zone in the context of other people. Try to take one small step outside of it in the direction of someone you feel drawn to but you’ve been resisting because of some kind of fear. In doing so, see this action as primarily a kindness to yourself, not to the other person (although it very well could be, of course). And in being kind to yourself in this way, notice if the action ripples out to touch anyone else.

Blessings Journal: Note when you or someone else steps beyond a perceived risk to do something thoughtful or kind. Rachel says that to do this requires us to let go over and over again. Noting it helps normalize it, making this letting go process easier and easier over time.

Link to Book: “My Grandfather’s Blessings”

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  1. I have been struggling with the concepts of this week’s assignment, so I have decided to key off one chapter, Crazy Clean, about the woman who maintained a clean orderly house until she got cancer and her perspectives changed. Nothing like that has happened to me and I am not obsessive/compulsive, but this week I have struggled with a workman who is fixing our shower stall tile floor. He is the fourth person I have asked to consider taking on the task and the ONLY one who was willing to even try.

    I am so thankful that he has given it a good shot, but it is not good enough for me yet. I have a keen eye for details that are not “perfect” or at least pleasing to the eye – that look unfinished or not tidy. He is 73 years old, hard of hearing, and despite our lengthy discussions about what I wanted him to do, he has continued to do certain things the way he thinks is best. He is not done yet, but he is resisting doing some finishing touches that I think will make me proud of it rather than feeling I have to apologize when I show it to people.

    The end result is that I keep disappointing him by not praising the work highly. I have tried all week to be flattering, complementary, supportive. I am trying to listen to myself and understand what is happening to me, to try to recognize when I am being too fussy, but mostly I am learning that I want it to look a certain way and if I cannot get him to do it, then I will do it myself after he leaves. I do not want to have to do that!! He is so much better with grout and caulk than I will ever be.

    So when he comes back on Monday, I have to figure out how to get him to take one more step to please me. I think he really wants to please me, so I just have to let him know that if he corrects this one issue, then I will be VERY satisfied. I want him to be proud of his work and I want to use him again for other small but tricky jobs, so it is in my best interest to make friends with my fussy self at the same time that I befriend his need to save me money and time and go that extra step to make it “perfect” in my eyes!

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