Assignment #10 – Kindness Blessings

Week 10 : Let There Be Light

“The secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.”

Assignment #10Reading: Finish reading the book. Do this in any way that makes finishing this book an enjoyable experience for you, what I hope you can call a “blessing.”

Kind Action: Before fully focusing on the concept of illumination, consider some other meanings of the word “light.” What “lightens” your load? What is “light” to your touch? What feels “light” for you to carry? Having done that, switch your focus to look for the inner light in each person you encounter this week. Allow this light to illuminate your path and imagine how the light inside of you does this for others. Complete a kind action that causes you to believe that your light has been made visible to at least one other person.

Blessings Journal: Review your blessings journal this week, from start to finish. See what jumps out to you as significant and consider why this is so. Decide whether or not you want to continue with this practice. If so, put in place what you need to do to best ensure your success.

Link to Book: “My Grandfather’s Blessings”


  1. Yesterday was a very special day for me and a young couple that my husband and I have befriended in Texas. I wrote near the beginning of our classes about my housekeeper Vickie whose father-in-law was dying. One day she needed to talk and I just listened. Well, two weeks ago yesterday, her father-in-law passed away at the age of 65. Shortly after his passing, Vickie asked if we would be willing to let them use our dock for a memorial service for “Tex.” We did not hesitate.

    Yesterday, about twenty close friends and family gathered on our dock on the lake Tex loved. It was a day of peace, tears, and great love. I was only sad that we had not had the opportunity to know Tex. But in giving them the gift of our welcome and support, we recieved such an outpouring of appreciation, affection and respect. Tommy played Taps on his trumpet and I made sure Vickie could participate fully without having to worry about getting food and drinks in place. We made some new friends and the two sons and their wives seemed to have healed some trouble that arose shortly after Tex’ death and parted in renewed friendship and love.

    The day was a “highlight” in our lives. A day which made us glow inside and will not diminish soon. Sometimes an easy simple act of kindness can reap such rewards that you marvel at how easy and wonderful it all was. A fitting closure to this class….

    1. How wonderful, Linda. I have enjoyed reading your posts and having a glimpse into another person’s life and thoughts. Thank you for your openness with all of us. More than once your words have given me a new perspective. Blessings!

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