Undivided Kindness – Week Three

(The book referenced below is called “A Hidden Wholeness” by Parker Palmer, and the recommendation activities are for December 10.)

“As we create a safe space for each other’s soul, we discover what it means to live nonviolently, and we develop a vision of how we might live that way in daily life.”

09-InspirationREADING: Finish the book. Continue reading in whatever style has been working for you in terms of this book and this class. Savor the time you spend reading.

KINDNESS: Think of someone in your life who might benefit from being held by you like “a small bird in the palms of (your) two hands.” (page 146) If you think you are able to provide them something that has a good chance of speaking to their soul, do so. If not, then simply hold this person in your thoughts as warmly as you can.

JOURNAL: Use your journal to answer at least one of the personal storytelling questions (or another like them) found on page 171: “What was the best vacation you ever took? How did you earn your first dollar outside the home? When you are not at work, what is your idea of a good day?” Pay attention to your feelings and reactions as you remember your story. What insights about yourself do you gain from this exercise?

REFLECTION: Spend time in quiet contemplation considering the importance of either laughter or silence (or both).

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