Announcing a New Class!

Happy Holidays!

122214We’re about to start a new kindness class here on the Kind Living blog, and in the spirit of TV shows like “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix, we’re going to release it all at once. It’s called “Stargirl Kindness” and it uses Jerry Spinelli’s excellent young adult novel “Stargirl” as its focusing agent. The idea is for you to read the book over the course of three weeks (or, really, at whatever pace you want), and supplement your reading by considering and completing acts of kindness.

We’ve divided the reading into three sections, and each section comes with an “assignment,” an “inspiration,” and a “reflection.” Review the assignment message, then go get started with the reading assignment and considering the kindness suggestion. Having gotten started, come back to read the message of inspiration. Then you complete the assignment before reading the message of reflection. This patterns repeats three times, once for each section. Note, there is a bonus “Journal” section included as part of each assignment for anyone who wants to take their experience to a higher level.

Ready to get started? Well, you still have to wait a couple of days. The class and its three sections is being released on Christmas Eve as a Kind Living holiday gift.

Speaking of gifts, if you are interested in helping Kind Living with our expenses before the end of the year, please consider making a donation. As it turns out in 2014, our expenses have exceeded our donations…


  1. This is awesome! I am in! I am telling everyone I know including the middle and high school students I work with. Thank you!

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