Mission #10 – Sept 20, 2015

Good Morning Ambassadors of Compassion!

10Begin today by considering the “Butterfly Effect,” the concept that something as seemingly insignificant as a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can impact the weather in another part. The flapping wings cause an atmospheric change that then sets off a series of events that ultimately leads to something significant happening. Like the butterfly effect, one small, kind act can set off a series of positive events.

As I have been telling you each day near the bottom of each post, promoting your compassionate acts helps with this. Each act starts its own ripple of positive energy so each act needs to be promoted in order to have the most benefit. Understanding this, at International Kindness Team Headquarters we have come to believe that it is not a few large acts of compassion that make the most difference. No, it’s the tens of thousands of small acts that make the most positive change.

SomethingSmall-1bWith this in mind, your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to complete a very, very small action of care, concern, warmth, or love that does not require a lot of you. Think of this action as being a minor tune-up on the engine of the universe. In its “small-ness” it may almost seem insignificant. But as a “tune-up” it is part of an ongoing maintenance effort that prevents a major problem from happening down the line.

If you take this concept into your heart, you will find that these small acts are not just compassionate things you do, they are an attitude you carry in all of your interactions, including with yourself. Thinking this way, every moment provides you an opportunity to start ripples of compassion.

Understanding this, I implore you to summarize your small act on the Compassion Map, to tweet it with the hashtag #CompassionGames2015, to post it on Facebook and other social media sites you use, and to sing it from your rooftops.

Let’s get that Butterfly Effect going!

Good luck, ambassadors!

09-Assignment(This concept may be beyond the understanding of children, especially the youngest ones. Still, I encourage you to demonstrate the concept with a body of water and small pebbles. This can be something as small as a tub with only one or two inches of water. Allow the water surface to be still and then drop in a pebble, pointing out the ripples that radiate from the point the pebble entered the water. Show how the ripples spread, influencing more and more of the water. Then, see if you can help the children make the leap from water and pebbles to kind actions, thoughts and attitudes. Use your wisdom to help guide this process.)