Mission #9 – Sept 19, 2015

Good Morning Ambassadors of Compassion!

003-2015fishThere are three days left in this year’s Compassion Games, but you surely know that there is no end to the importance of promoting care, concern, warmth, and love. As you begin your day today, visualize your inner core of compassionate fuel as a warm ball of energy radiating out from you.

With your core radiating compassionate energy, engage in today’s mission, if you choose to accept it. Please reconnect with someone from your past. Consider this an opportunity to clean up some unfinished business or just a little push, even an excuse if you need it, to look up someone you’d like to see.

Start by thinking what it would be like for you to hear from someone who has lost touch with you, specifically someone you’d really like to hear from. Is it an old classmate, a distant friend, someone who has moved away, a relative? Having imagined that, think for whom you’d like to provide that kind of a positive surprise. Make a list of people you haven’t seen for some time or those whom you miss. The list need not be long.09

Next, choose one of these people and take steps to reach her/him. Any style of communication is fine but you will get more from this mission if it extends beyond Facebook, email, or voice mail to some kind of an exchange. If that act of connecting isn’t a compassionate act in itself, then extend the action to include doing something kind for this person.

If you find this theme difficult or problematic, please feel free to interpret it another way. See if you can stick to the theme of reconnecting, though, perhaps by reconnecting to something other than a person from your past.

Understanding that the more we hear about the compassionate contributions of others, the more we are aware of the power of compassion, we at IKT HQ request that you report your activities on the Compassion Map.

Good luck, ambassadors.

Alt-FISH2015(For ambassadors of compassion working with children, today’s mission is an opportunity for you to help them understand the value and importance of tying up loose ends. While it’s unlikely they’ll have lost touch with someone in the same way most adults have, you may be able to help them acknowledge a friend or family member for a kindness that was extended to them. If so, my recommendation is you provide them the materials to create personalized Thank You cards to present to their chosen person.)