Inspiration #5 : Provide Something Wonderful For Someone to Find

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” ―-Rachel Carson

05-anonymous-kindness-inverseI first offered this mission in a kindness class I was facilitating seven years ago, one that did not have an anonymous component to it. I encouraged participants to use an online forum to share what wonderful things they had provided for others to find. My hope was that having folks share their stories would inspire others even further. Given the anonymous nature of this kindness activity, I want to tell a couple of stories from that class, thinking they may serve to inspire you.

The first story involves a class participant, an artist, who created an original piece of art for a stranger to find. She included a note that explained that this was a gift for whoever found it, along with a way to learn more about the class. The person who found the art ended up visiting the class website, found the artist’s explanation of how she fulfilled the mission, and then commented about her experience finding the art. Not only that, she ended up joining the class. Very fun!

kl-january-winter-house-fish17The second story is from a mom who shared the story of having cleared out some ivy in her yard but in the process destroyed a fantasy play area of her children. Referencing Boo Radley and “To Kill a Mockingbird,” always a way to engage me, she recounted how she planted some flowers and planned to place some gifts for her kids to find in the now-exposed gnarled roots of a tree.

About the mission, keep in mind that it includes the word “wonderful.” The intent is for YOU to be the one to decide what it means in the context of this mission. Hopefully, you will do it in a way that is fun for you.

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