Reflection #5 : Provide Something Wonderful For Someone to Find

“Don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be?” –Marvin Gaye

05-anonymous-kindness-inverseLife can be so much fun when you let it. What wonderful things have you found this week? What wonderful things have you left for others to find?

I encourage you to look at the world as a place where all kinds of wonderful things have been hidden for you to find. Sometimes these are placed in our paths by well-meaning people, just like you, assuming you took to heart this week’s mission. Sometimes they are placed there by nature, like the fresh flower scent you inhale walking past a neighbor’s house. Sometimes they are placed there by circumstance. Regardless as to how they get to me, I choose to think of them all as having been purposely placed in my path in order for me to see how wonderful life is.

kl-ilikecatsThinking this way, I find that every day can be a little bit like my birthday, filled with presents for me to open. The smile I received today from a stranger, the slipperiness of the street this morning after an overnight snow, talking to a 16 year-old student and having a heart-felt conversation are all examples of wonderful things I’ve found so far.

And there are still a few hours left in the day!

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