New Class & an Opportunity to Buy Fish’s Art!

Starting on Sunday and continuing for 10 weeks, I’ll be sending a weekly message with a reading “assignment” and kind action suggestion. If you want to do the reading, pick up a copy of “The Power of Kindness” by Dr. Piero Ferruci. But please know that you need not do the reading in order to complete the kindness action. The reading will just give you more context.

I hope you’ll be inspired to participate.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for an opportunity to purchase some of Fish Astronaut’s original art. We’ve selected three of our favorite images he has created for Kind Living, which he is right now hand painting on high quality 6″ x 6″ paper. The images will be available for sale soon, limited to six of each. You’ll be able to purchase a single painting, or a set of all three. Email me to reserve yours now, and take a look at the photo below to see the art in creation.

If you have other ideas on how we can support you, please let us know. And if you feel moved to support us through a small cash donation, we’d sure appreciate it!

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