“Our best things come from others.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Kind Living’s summer of ordinary acts of kindness! Each week we’ll be promoting a simple kindness concept, what we’re calling a theme. Our hope is that the theme will provide you an incentive to complete at least one mindful act of kindness each week.

To begin, we’ll start off with one of the all-time basics, considered one of the major themes of childhood, sharing. Typically, in childhood, this has to do with toys or supplies or food, all of which are fine things to share in the spirit of this theme. But consider things you can share that may not be physical items, like your wisdom or knowledge. Use this theme to see how true sharing actually increases the amount we all have.

Do not feel like you have to share anything “big”. An important part of these themes is to become familiar with doing what is sincere to YOU, not as a show for others. Your level of sincerity can only be defined by you.

Ready to play? Okay, let’s go be kind!


    1. Thanks, Anne. That’s the overall concept I want to promote via Kind Living. I think people are completing ordinary acts of kindness all the time. I want to help shine a light on those while encouraging folks to add to them. –Andy

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