Surprise Someone

“Love withers with predictability; its very essence is surprise and amazement. To make love a prisoner of the mundane is to take its passion and lose it forever.” –Leo Buscaglia

The theme for this week is the classic concept summarized in the phrase a “random act of kindness.” In its randomness, these actions come as surprises to the recipients. Look for several you can perform spontaneously without a lot of effort and do them! Notice that opportunities to do these kinds of things take place any time we encounter another person. Going out of your way to be nice fulfills this concept perfectly.

Additionally and to really get the most out of this week’s theme, decide on at least one kind action of surprise that involves you having to plan it in advance. For this one, choose someone you think would really benefit from being the recipient of a positive surprise and provide it. Enlist others in support of this if you want to increase the scope of the kindness.

If you want to surprise me and do something kind, share any part of your experience in the comments section below, via email, on the Kind Living Facebook page, or anywhere else where its benefit can be more widely felt.


  1. Thank you for the Weekly Messages. I’ve shared the Happiness Poster with friends. My act of kindness this last week was serving as a volunteer. We hosted 60 Latino youth and taught them about butterfly migration. We invited their families back on Saturday to experience the program. I raised Monarchs from eggs and the caterpillars forming into chrysalis the day the children came added a wonderful moment of surprise. The key in this whole experience for me, is in the power of modeling kindness through action and generosity of time and purpose as a volunteer.

    1. So wonderful to have your comment, Anne. I’m moved by your statement of “modeling kindness through action and generosity of time and purpose.” There’s a lot in there, from modeling kindness as inspiration for others to understanding the kindness in donating one’s time. Thanks so much for passing along your experience to others.

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