Mission #11 – Sept 18, 2018

Welcome to Day 11 of the Compassion Games!

We have an emerging story to share and an invitation for you to participate with one of the most remarkable teams to play in the Compassion Games. The team is from Marefat High School in Kabul, Afghanistan.

As part of designing the social change game Peace on Earth by 2030, these students have started practicing an activity called "Befriend the Other." Today's mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join this inspiring team in this practice. "Befriend the Other" involves stepping outside your comfort zone to reach out in some way to someone who may think differently and ask them to be your friend.

More detail can be found in this explanation from David Gershon, the person behind the idea: “This simple and profound action invites you to befriend and learn from the people who are different from you. Look for them throughout your life: they live your block, you work with them, they are in your community, they show up in your email inbox, and if you are more adventurous, they live all over the planet.”

So today we encourage you to learn about and engage in the traditions of others. Listen to the music, learn about the art, study a dance, and taste the foods from other cultures. Learn how people different from you experience birth, coming of age, marriage, and death.

Learn more about this remarkable team of Compassion Games players from Kabul here.

We believe an important way to counteract the amount of negativity we hear about is to promote the positive things people are doing. As such, please report your activity on the Compassion Map.

Good luck and game on!

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