Mission #12 – Sept 19, 2018

Good Morning, Agents!

The story we told you yesterday about the Marefat High School team in Kabul, Afghanistan is spreading!

Today's mission follows up on yesterday's in which we introduced you to this inspiring group of young people and their way of playing the Compassion Games with the activity "Befriend the Other." Your mission today is to write them a "love letter," what in essence is a letter of support, a show of camaraderie, and encouragement moving forward.

A California non-profit, Hustlers for Humanity in Santa Barbara, has partnered with the Lost Art of Love Letters to support others in creating letters of love and support for the students in Kabul. Four other teams have committed to sending love letters to Marefat High School. Today, secret agents, we invite you to create love letters of your own and record them as photos or videos that we can digitally share with the students and the rest of the world.

To share your creation, please post your love letter to the Compassion Report Map or send it as an email to loveletters@compassiongames.org.

If you are more enthusiastic about sending a love letter to another group, to an individual, or to a cause, please honor that enthusiasm and do so. As an example, Lost Art of Love Letters can guide you through the process of sending a love letter to the sea.

Thank you, agents!

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