15 Apr – 21 Apr 2020 – Daily Haiku

Each day in 2020, I’m adapting that day’s entry from the book “365 Tao: Daily Meditations” into a haiku. I’m doing this, though, following the structure of “Blackout Poetry.” I darken the words I’m not using and highlight those I am, thus allowing my haiku to emerge from the page. At the end of each seven day period, I post the previous seven as a string of haikus.

April 15-21:

Instinct, example.
The unencumbered knowledge.
Deep intuition.

Activity rush.
Withdraw, reflect, and collect.
Simple renewal.

Explore unity.
Generate divination.
A greater order.

Grounding harmony.
Cycles end, new ones begin.
Creative basics.

Mature practices.
Instruction is attention.
Tap into your source.

Discover ourselves.
Seek fulfilling directions.
We find the true path.

Put forth your effort.
Strive for no expectations.
Enter the midstream.


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