Respond to a Situation Peacefully

This exercise is designed to have you consciously bring more peace into the world through a shift in your awareness. Try to transform a specific moment of anger, frustration, or dissatisfaction you have this week into a peaceful response.

Some examples of this concept in practice include:

  • Instead of cursing the driver who cuts you off, smile.
  • Instead of yelling at your children, hug them.
  • Instead of speaking poorly of someone behind their back, say something nice.

Please note, this is not to say you should repress any of your emotions. To do so would be doing just the opposite of this theme’s intent. If you want to scream, curse or rant, please do so.

In fact, one way to interpret the theme is to forgive yourself if you behave in such a way, assuming that way is about to upset you.

The lesson here is to recognize how often we are contributing to the existence of negative energy and then to consider and act on how to transform that energy into something positive, thus bringing more peace, love and kindness into the world.


  1. As Tommy becomes more needy of my attention, I find myself practicing being more patient… but today was a real challenge; thankfully I opened your message from you just in time and I felt so good to be reminded of the Impact you have made on my life! Thanks to you I calmed down and peace was inside me again!

    1. I am so pleased to hear from you, Linda. You are regularly on my mind. If you ever have a free moment at 10am Pacific Time on a Tuesday, I’d like to invite you to sit in on a group a friend and I convened when the pandemic started. I think you both contribute to and benefit from the experience. Thanks for your kind words, –Andy

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