Identifying Opportunity

The concept for this week’s action is based on the belief that positive opportunities are being presented to us daily, that these opportunities are a form of kindness to us that we need to practice identifying.

As such, spend time throughout the week looking for these opportunities in your life, even in hindsight. Choose at least one and allow it to fill your heart with wonder. To do this, you will need to pay attention to your role in its unfolding and then fulfill it. If it makes sense to do so, act on this opportunity in a way that honors both it and you.

Summarize for a friend (or in writing) at least three of the opportunities you identified, whether or not you acted on them. This may entail taking note of them after the fact as it’s likely you will not have recognized some without the benefit of hindsight.

The intention in taking time to write them down is to help you become more aware of new opportunities as they are happening.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I have already found one opportunity that I acted on and have another one to act on tomorrow! I’m going to write a note of thanks to a Minister I heard speak on the Charlestown massacre several years ago. Her Mother , a good friend and other family members were killed that night! I want to thank her for speaking from the heart of her experience!!! Her name is
    Rev Sharon Risher.

    1. Thanks, Hail, for taking the time to write and share such a heartfelt message! I’m pleased you found the idea to be of use and I’m touched by your application of it. With deep appreciation, –Andy

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