Savor the Morning Air

This exercise comes from the book “The Art of Simple Living,” the concept summarized this way:

“The same process repeats itself every day, but each day is not the same. The taste of the morning air, the moment when the morning sunlight arrives, the touch of the breeze on your cheek, the color of the sky and of the leaves on the trees – everything is constantly shifting. Morning is the time when you can thoroughly experience these changes.”

For me, I think this exercise is best accomplished while going for a walk, something I do every morning with my dog, Bentsen. As we walk, I not only savor the air, I bring awareness to at least three of my senses:

  • What new thing can I see today, what change?
  • On what can I focus my listening?
  • What aroma can I enjoy?

As Bentsen and I walk, we encounter other walkers and I see each one as an opportunity to extend friendliness. A nod, a smile, maybe even a verbal hello or a longer conversation are additional ways to savor the morning air.

Isn’t it wonderful that we are all part of this glorious morning?

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