Laugh at Yourself

The inspiration for this idea comes from the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Men.” Here’s a passage from the book that I find especially helpful:

“When you depersonalize life a little bit, and laugh at yourself, it takes the pressure off feeling like you have to be perfect or do it all. You’re able to see the innocence in your human(ness). You’re also able to be a bit easier on other people, too.”

Perhaps of interest, I found this book in one of those “Free Little Libraries” I’ve written about before and that you might have seen where you live. On my walks with my dog, Bentsen, I make a point to seek out these libraries. Sometimes I take a book, sometimes I place a book.

About laughing at ourselves, it’s a great way to build your humility muscle. It helps to imagine how your act of inadvertent silliness may appear to others.

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