Pay Attention to Kindness

Pay special attention this week to any kindness that is extended to you, no matter how small. See the act as a flash of lightning that creates sudden illumination to something significant. Choose at least one of these kind acts and acknowledge it with gratitude.

Note, this acknowledgment can take many forms,

  • Expressing your gratitude to the person who extended the kindness to you in words.
  • Paying the kindness forward to someone else.
  • Telling someone about it and why you feel gratitude for it.

Personalize this acknowledgment so it provides the most meaning for you.

For an added focus, spend some time thinking about how often you express gratitude and whether this is done formally, like around the dinner table, or informally, in response to a situation.

And if you like to write (and maybe even if you don’t!), extend an appreciation for a past kindness you received by writing about it.

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