Practice Patience

There is a tradition in which people believe that when they go too fast, they cause their souls to be left behind. Believing this, they will sometimes purposefully stop in order to allow their souls to catch up.

Your exercise this week is to practice having this belief yourself in order to experience patience. To do so, you have to recognize when you are in a situation where you are moving so fast that you lose your sense of presence. In the language of this theme, you have left your soul behind.

Once this has happened and you recognize it, your job is to pause long enough for your soul to catch up. In that pause, reach out to another person and provide them the warming acknowledgment that you are aware of their existence. This person could be the reason for your impatience or it could be someone else in close proximity.

The key here is to recognize your impatience and then relax, engaging with another person mindfully and fully.

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