Use Your Superpowers for Good

In the 1960’s, I was Batman.

That’s me on the right in the front row in the photo below (you can usually spot me in pictures because of the crazy tuft of hair dropping down the center of my forehead).

Like my cape? I sure did.

My best friend, Stevie, there on the left, who just had a knack for looking tougher than me, and I ran around the neighborhood wearing our capes and utility belts while saving everyone from unseen dangers.

In high school, some friends & I made superhero ID cards for ourselves in a graphic design class. We adopted secret superhero names (mine was Fruitcheeks).

During our graduating year, seniors were asked to write about our future plans for inclusion in the annual. Most people talked about going to college, or getting married and having kids, or what careers they intended to have.

Me, I shared my superhero motto:

“To remain a defender of all that is pure and good. Let it lead me where it may.”

So that’s your encouragement this week, to defend all that is pure, using your superpowers for good.

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