Embrace Life

A source of inspiration for me in the late 1980s was a medical doctor by the name of Bernie Siegel. Bernie, as he likes to be called, wrote several books about his experiences working with cancer patients (my favorite is called “Love, Medicine & Miracles”).

I saw Bernie speak on a couple of occasions and each time he cited a brief exchange in the movie “Harold & Maude.” I remember it as follows:

Harold: Why are you so good with people?
Maude: They’re my species, you know.

I love that, the idea of being good with people simply because they’re your species. In that short quote is the potential we all have to be good with people, given they are OUR species, too.

It’s been a huge inspiration to me for many years, that simple quote. I see it as a great way to embrace life as it can encourage us to connect with others.

So as an exercise this week, consider what “embracing life” means to you in the context of your life right now. Complete a positive action in a way that supports this.

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