Reclaim Your Inner Voice

“We usually look outside of ourselves for heroes and teachers.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

I really like this quote from Rachel Naomi Remen, a person from whom I’ve found oodles of inspiration. I think a big part of her message is to encourage us to reclaim our inner voices. 

So as a kind action this week, I invite you to try doing just that, reclaim your inner voice. This may require you to sit in silence for a few minutes or to do something physical, like going for a run. Be open to your own inner wisdom. Trust that you will find something that honors your personal truth. 

As you engage in this contemplative act, recognize that the action of inner reflection is an act of kindness to yourself. That said, also be open to an opportunity to serve someone else.

When you’re coming from this place, this is a very natural action, one in which the line between self and others is blurred.

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