Do Something Kind Anonymously

I invite you to see yourself as part of a universe of beings all embedded with the desire to be kind. With that in mind, respond to that desire by completing a mindful act of kindness in the next few days.

But rather than risk appearing to be doing something kind for show or reward, complete your kind act in a way in which you cannot be seen doing it. Actions of this kind provide us practice in both humility and modesty, while providing service.

Of course, it’s very likely you’ve completed prior acts of kindness anonymously, which is great. The specific intention with this prompt is to make anonymity the focal point of your action. As you complete your act, even as you contemplate it, consider what it means to be a humble agent of kindness. See your act as not coming from you, but through you.

If it helps, imagine yourself as being an invisible kindness superhero who cannot be seen but whose kind acts can be felt. And to get the most from this idea, try completing multiple anonymous acts of kindness, both those that appear to you in the moment and at least one that requires some advance planning.

In the spirit of this concept, resist the temptation to tell anyone else about it. Instead, write privately about your experience. Include your feelings or how you encountered your kind act(s) or anything else that summarizes your experience. Place this writing in a place where you’ll encounter it at some future point.

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