Do Something Kind For Someone You Love

I hope doing something kind for someone you love is an opportunity to relax a little.

Now having said that, I know that it’s sometimes hard to complete a kind act for those we love for several reasons:

  • We may already be doing kind things for those closest to us.
  • We may actually not want to do anything additional.
  • We may take for granted the kind things we do.
  • We may think an act in response to this prompt needs to be something big.

About that last point, look for those small acts of kindness you can do for those people you love. They make you feel good and they help build stronger relationships with those closest to you.

And the stronger these relationships are, the stronger you become and the more positive impact you carry in the world. 


  1. There’s so much beauty and little gifts each day…though the ‘monster’ of greed is still hanging over us, ridding us of our last drops of a sense of REALity, one can find peace in a simple still day; no machines like computers, phones, cars and all the other gag, just the birds outside, oohhh those blackbird spring songs are so beautiful!

    1. Yours are the first comments to this post! Interestingly, over the years that I’ve written these posts, comments have been few & far between. I appreciate you for responding! –Andy

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