Do Something Kind For Yourself

To begin, please take the time to reflect on how you’ve been feeling recently. Start by looking back over this past weekend. Then move backward to review your last week, your last month, 2021.

  • When have you felt in tune with yourself?
    See if you can identify one thing that helped you feel that way and consider how you can apply that awareness to your life this week.

  • When have you felt lost or dejected?
    If you are feeling that way now, how would you respond to a good friend who told you they were feeling that way? Apply that response to yourself.

  • When in your life have you felt the happiest?
    Review the circumstances of that time and see if you can provide yourself a degree of warmth through your recollection. If you can, apply that warmth to your life now.

Whatever you choose to do, pay special attention to how YOU feel completing this activity.

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