Starting Tonight – The Practice of Kindness!

Starting in less than an hour is Kind Living’s ongoing experiment involving a positive virus. We’re all familiar with “negative” viruses — colds, the flu, etc. We know they can easily spread and we spend a lot of time and money fighting them. Small Acts of KindnessIn this experiment, instead of taking up a fight, we are all going to take up acts of peace. And we’re going to pay special attention to see how these acts of peacefulness spread.

Each Sunday night, posted right here on this blog, will be a “kindness theme” for the upcoming week. Like the good agents of kindness that you are, you’ll visit the blog any time during the week to learn of the theme. You’ll then take time considering how to complete it, before doing so.

A big part of this experiment involves the practice of mindfulness — paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, and carefully considering what you do to fulfill each theme. As part of our positive virus, your acts will inspire others, even people outside of the class. Being mindful, you’ll start noticing more of the kind things happening around you. You’ll become happier, more peaceful. You’ll sleep better. You’ll exercise and eat better. You’ll feel great. You’ll infect others with optimism.

And all those negative viruses won’t want to touch you.

Ready to play? Stay tuned!


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