Theme #1 – Do Something Kind For Yourself

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” — Oscar Wilde

The idea here is to start by going within, doing something consciously kind for yourself. For the purpose of this class, it’s important to be the first recipient of your acts of kindness. Please make sure this is something extra you do for yourself because of your participation in this class. Plan it in advance and carefully consider what it is you will do.

Some ideas: Take a nap or a hot bath. Recognize one of your positive personality traits. Go for a walk. Get a massage. Express genuine gratitude.

After having completed your act and if you so desire, summarize it for the rest of us in the comments section here, keeping your summary concise yet complete. If you’d like, tell us a little about yourself – your first name and where you live. The more interaction we can get here, the better it is for the class.


  1. Finished reading the intro above followed with a deep sign and a wave of relaxing release arrives, Wave after wave, breath and breath. I’m enjoying this as I type. The sigh and the release kindness itself visiting me. Lovely.
    Girls Boarding School life is my work and source of inspiration, never boring, frequently surprising, daily interesting, often challenging in multiple ways. Lucky me. Welcome to this new year!

  2. The kind living blog came into my life at the very right time. I want to spread kindness throughout the world, but I have a hard time being kind to myself. I am a stay-at-home mom and take care of two other kids in our neighborhood. I can always find other things to do besides take care of myself first . This first assignment is exactly what I need. I know that to have a positive change I must be kind and love myself first. Today I took 30 minutes and journaled it felt great! Thank you for sharing your kindness with all of us.

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