Reflection #1 – Inner Kindness

As we finish with Week 1, I encourage you to consider kindness from two perspectives, the inner form and the physical form. Inner kindness has to do with your thoughts and self-talk. Physical kindness is about actions. Most of the time when we talk about kindness we are referring to the physical kind, the performing of kind acts. I am hoping you’ll make your first focus of this class on inner kindness, on what is happening inside of you.

With that in mind, take a minute to reflect on any challenges you have in taking care of or being kind to yourself. If it helps, consider ways you can take care of yourself that allow you to be in the best position to fulfill your unique potential. What things do you do that fill you with joy, that literally inspire you (fill you with spirit)?

Further, as you move through this class please pay attention to what is going on inside of your head (and heart) because of it. In support of this and as connected in this week’s inspiration message, please use each week’s theme to direct warmth instead of criticism at yourself.

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