Theme #2 – Do Something Kind For Someone You Love

“This is my simple religion. There is no need for temple; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” –The Dalai Lama

Story #2Part of the idea this week is to get us in the habit of doing kind things for others, starting with someone we love. The action need not be something extraordinary; in fact, sometimes what may seem like a small act carries the greatest importance to those we love. Just make sure it is a mindful act and is something EXTRA, something you do BECAUSE of this class.

Some ideas: Tell your mom or dad you love them. Help a friend with a chore. Do something loving with a family member you normally don’t do. Give someone close permission to do something they want to do that you don’t normally like (and try to like it).

If you’re willing, summarize your action in the comments section below.


  1. I love how once you have set your intention, then opportunities seem to present themselves 🙂

    After reading this post, I was trying to think what I could do that would be meaningful. And not a few minutes later my Mum rang to say one of our relatives celebrates her 80th birthday tomorrow (which I had not realised). My Mum said she thought about sending a card, but decided it was too hard.

    And I knew instantly what my kind action this week would be 🙂

    However it was more than about just sending a card.

    I wrote her a lovely long letter to go in with the card. And filled her in on all that my son and I had been up to since we saw them last (more than 12 months ago). I also included photos, and a drawing done by my son.

    It was such a privilege to complete the action this week. I adored how meaningful it was to actually write a letter to her. Nobody seems to write letters anymore, and I know older person especially enjoy receiving one.


    1. What a lovely gift from the heart for your elderly relative. I can just imagine her delight with your son’s picture. A real letter is so special these days and so often the elderly do get left out because they not do e-mail or social networking. It seems that my family is not even making phone calls these days. That is something I want to correct if I can.

      1. Thank you Linda :-). That’s so true. And I noticed as I wrote the letter yesterday how much it hurt my hand to do it – which was a wake up call to me that I very rarely write these days. Everything is done either online, or by texting. For me it was an exercise in love and patience to put pen to paper. And I learnt so much from it ♥.

        Blessings to you x

  2. I had the opportunity for 3 more acts of kindness this afternoon 😀

    #1 Removing a tree branch off the road so it wasn’t a traffic hazard.

    #2 As I approached my sons school, I went to press the button to cross the road, but stopped. I waited for the line of cars to go through first before pressing it so I wasn’t holding them up while I crossed.

    and lastly:

    #3 I saved a Rainbow Lorikeet (native Australian bird) that had been hit by a car. I ran onto the road and scooped it up. Then sat on the footpath and gently cradled it in my hands and stroked it’s head. I held it like that until it had recovered enough to fly away.

    I feel so incredibly lucky ♥

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