Reflection #9 – What’s Holding You Back?

Even those with whom we’ve lost touch are part of who we are, have helped us become the people we are today. Having an excuse to reconnect with someone is sometimes all we need to do to remember this. Don't Hold BackAs I mentioned on Tuesday, such was the origin of this week’s theme.

With that in mind, ask yourself if there is any positive action in your life you would complete if you had an excuse to do it. Really stop and think about it. This is something you are capable of doing now. You don’t need to win the lottery to do it or have an extra hour in the day. If you find there is something, write it down. Make it concrete. Then ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing it, why you need the push. Is it possible to complete the action without any additional excuse, push or motivation?

Often we are hesitant to reconnect with people from the past out of embarrassment. It’s been too long and we missed sending them a birthday card last year or a host of other reasons. One way to get over the embarrassment is to ask yourself if you’d be disappointed to hear from a friend in your position. Assuming the answer is no, apply that awareness to these other things you are stopping yourself from doing.

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  1. Great Phrase of the question. Remove money from the picture, replace the need for cash with the desire to create. Lifelong dream realized. Reconnecting with the people who have shaped who we are also reconnects us with with our soul and with our dreams that may have been put on hold for so long that we have forgotten that we could still achieve them. Channel the powerful, past influences for good and apply to the future for a dream realized. Awesome reflection!

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