01 Apr – 07 Apr 2020 – Daily Haiku

Each day in 2020, I’m adapting that day’s entry from the book “365 Tao: Daily Meditations” into a haiku. I’m doing this, though, following the structure of “Blackout Poetry.” I darken the words I’m not using and highlight those I am, thus allowing my haiku to emerge from the page. At the end of each seven day period, I post the previous seven as a string of haikus.

April 1-7:

Effortless focus.
Satisfaction well-being.
Achieve certainty.

Perceive what we know,
the meaningful dividend.
Try something humble.

Moments in life every day.
Comfort momentum.

The deepest questions.
Oriented sacredness.
Divine inner strength.

Change, constant in time.
The movement of devotion.
Reaffirm one’s quest.

Patient comforting.
A friend to give us guidance.
Our encouragement.

Fundamental friends
walk without obligation.
Knowledge freely shared.


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