Utilize Spirit

Here’s a little task designed to empower you, to help you recognize that while things around us may be challenging and even depressing we can become conduits of positive energy. It comes from my good friend, David Spangler.

To do it, identify a power source that provides you with compassionate energy:

  • Is it a religious figure like the Dalai Lama, Jesus, Muhammad, or Pope Francis?
  • Is it a particular book or movie?
  • Is it a friend or colleague, or maybe a favorite teacher?
  • Is it a type of action, like meditation, yoga, or running?

Whatever you identify as that power source, use it this week to energize yourself. Allow that energy to circulate within you, combining with your natural drive to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

Next, apply the energy to complete an act of care, concern, warmth, or love for someone or something else. Put another way, use your external source of compassionate energy to energize someone or something else, you being the conduit.

In doing so, you are adding to the positive energy we all are seeking.

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