Kindness Stories – Story #2 : “Paladin of the Lost Hour”

“I watch out for things. I listen, I pay some attention; and if I do it right, sometimes I can even make a little difference.”

Story #2Reading: Read “Paladin of the Lost Hour” by Harlan Ellison which you can find online here. As I will remind you each week, stay mindful in your reading and pay attention to where your mind strays as you read. Rather than immediately refocus on the reading, see if these “distractions” have something to tell you.

Stories Journal: In the spirit of “distractions” having something to tell us, take note of those your experience as you read. Follow at least one where it takes you. If it involves a story from your life, summarize that story in your journal.

Kind Action: This story focuses on our common humanity. After finishing the story, think how Billy and Gaspar are connected. Consider your connection to another person, ideally not someone you’d first consider in this way. Do something kind for that person.

Comments Section: Share with us whatever moves you about your experience this week.


  1. Oh, my! What a powerful story! And, oddly enough, it kind of relates to something I am going to do tomorrow. An old friend has been having some tough times lately, so I stopped by where he works to invite him out to dinner tomorrow. And, coincidentally, we are not the same race.
    But, I will have to think further on this Kind Action.

  2. I love that I seem to be willing to act on kind impulses now, that I probably would never even have thought of earlier in my life. Yesterday Tommy (my husband) and I checked into a motel on our first of four days driving to Salt Lake City for the winter. We had had a large mid afternoon meal, but I wanted an ice cream cone. We asked the woman at the check in desk if there was a DQ nearby. She told us No but there was a Braums (also good ice cream.) She gave us a set of what seemed to be fairly complicated directions, but we found it and both had waffle cones with two scoops.

    While still at the ice cream shop, Tommy said “her directions were really good, we ought to take her an ice cream.” Nothing more was said until a little girl and her parents came in. The girl got a cup of ice cream which was complete with a lid and a spoon. I said to Tommy, “Let’s do it! Let’s take her a cup of ice cream.”

    I wanted to get her peppermint and he wanted to get her chocolate, saying who doesn’t like chocolate, except Tommy of course, so I was leery. We finally settled on a flavor everyone MUST like — apple pie. She was surprised and delighted.

    This morning when Tommy was checking out she told him she was really a bit concerned about “apple pie” ice cream, but that it was really, really good. And again thanked him for bringing it back for her.

    1. I recently heard a talk with the message, “Observe to serve.” Or in other words, notice what you could do to help someone. I thought of another one, “Aware to care.” I think the ice cream gesture fits nicely. You and Tommy were aware and willing to act on an idea to show you cared by expressing appreciation.

      Have you ever seen the YouTube Video, “Kindness Boomerang”? It’s a music video made by a non-profit called Life Vest Inside, that promotes being kind. The video tracks how one act of kindness leads to another. If you haven’t seen it, find it on YouTube or at the Life Vest Inside website. You’ll enjoy it. I am sure your ice cream act of kindness helped to set off a series of acts of kindness. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for posting the link for me. I am not very good at finding things on the internet. Your kind gesture is just the kind of small act that makes me feel really good about people in the face of so many bad things happening in the world. Hugs to you. Linda

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