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  1. After reading this story and watching the video, I was very moved and saddened, especially about Gaspar’s relationship with Minna and the loss of her identity when he is gone.

    Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we visited family in Indiana and Ohio. On our drive back to Texas, I planned a route that would take me to the gravesites of my maternal grandparents in Kentucky where no family now lives. I was fourteen when my grandmother was buried there. I did not get back for 36 years, when I belatedly arranged to get my grandfather’s death date added to his stone.

    This recent visit was 16 years after the latter one. It was sad to note there were no flowers on their graves. As you can imagine, our reading this week opened my heart to new sadness. Like Gaspar, I am sad to think that my love of my grandmother and her story would be unavailable to any of my children, grandchildren and nephews after my siblings and I die. Then there will be no one who would add flowers or maybe even be able to find the cemetery.

    I am going to make a story/photo album about my grandmother, for my two children to share with my grand children and their future children. Is this a kind act for me? for them? or for my grandmother who always loved me?

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