Inspiration #2 – Be a Daymaker

Be a DaymakerA man named David Wagner wrote a book called “Life as a Daymaker”. Subtitled, “How to Change the World by Making Someone’s Day,” the book is basically another version of this class. Chapter 3 is called “Make Your Mate’s Day” and includes this:

“One day I asked my wife to write down ten things that I could do to be a Daymaker for her. Here is her list:
1 – Listen
2 – Communicate
3 – Participate
4 – Listen
5 – Communicate
6 – Participate
7 – Listen
8 – Communicate
9 – Participate
10 – Repeat 1-9”

Hmmm… I think I see a pattern here… If you have yet to complete your kind act for this week, perhaps the above can be used as inspiration.

Inspiration Link : Daymaker


  1. I have a long time friend visiting me. She has been here for parts of three days and each day in multiple ways she has made my day. Yesterday she left for a few days to visit her sister-in-law and I became aware that I “missed” her in a palpable way. I nearly cried when I realized how important she is to me and that I only get to see her once a year. I can’t wait until she returns to me on Sunday morning. I will be trying to make her day all day by telling and showing her how much I missed her. I know she knows how important she is in my life because she does things to remind me of that all the time, but every day remaining of her visit I will be watchful of ways to make her day.

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